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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Visit the Viewpoint of Cruz Alta - Luso

The Viewpoint of Cruz Alta, located in Luso Parish, perched Buçaco Mountain, provides stunning views. May be seen from the Atlantic Ocean, to the Serra da Estrela, through the Serra do Caramulo, especially the landscape to the Bussaco National Forest.

Visit Lake Valley of Ferns - Luso

Visit Lake of Bussaco - Luso

Lake Buçaco is a large lake, located in Luso Town and inviting the seagull rides. This lake is inserted in the Forest of Buçaco.

Visit Lake Luso

The Lake is inhabited by Luso some ducks and integral part of the spa resort town of Luso. Its gardens invite you for a walk along the shore.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Visit the gardens of the National Bussaco Palace - Luso

Visit the Gardens of Bussaco - Luso

Visit the Parish Church of Luso

Visit Source Buçaco Mountain - Luso

Visit Fonte Fria - Luso

The Cold Spring, located in the Parish Luso is the most renowned source of Buçaco Forest, and one of its most enchanting places.
The two water lines prevalent from the Buçaco Forest unite in Cold Spring, causing a water line that runs through the Valley of Ferns, a name that derives from a set of tree-sized ferns, spread out over the valley.

Visit the Fountain of Fountains - Luso

The Source of Fountains, located in the Parish of Luso, is flowing with the renowned water Luso that today is bottled and sold throughout the country.

Visit Emygdio Navarro statue - Luso

Visit High Cross - Luso

The Cruz Alta located on the top of Serra do Buçaco, at 547 meters altitude, the Luso Parish.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Visit Cascade Buçaco Mountain - Luso

Visit the Chapel of St. John the Baptist - Luso

The Chapel of St. John the Evangelist located at the Luso Parish, near the famous fountain of the same name.
The chapel was built in the eighteenth century and in 2010 was restored with the support of the Portuguese foundation.

Visit the Chapel of St. Anthony - Luso